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"The aim the Plant Sulfur Network is to broaden, to integrate and to strengthening research on 'Managing Sulfur Metabolism in Plants', 'Sustainable Development', 'Global Change and Ecosystems' and 'Food Quality and Safety'. This is be implemented by regular scientific meetings covering different the actual relevant topics of plant sulfur research including workshops focused on post genomic technologies and plant sulfur nutrition, engineering quality, cross-talk of metabolic pathways interacting with sulfur, managing sulfur nutrition, diagnosing sulfur deficiency, sulfur in plants and stress responses, push-pull regulation of sulfur assimilation pathways, (global) regulators of sulfur metabolism, interaction between sulfur and nitrogen metabolism."

{i} 10th JUBILEE PLANT SULFUR WORKSHOP, Goslar, Germany, September 1-4, 2015:

{*} The 10th Jubilee Plant Sulfur Workshop: Fundamental, Environmental and Agricultural Aspects will be held in Hotel Der Achtermann, Goslar, Germany, September 1-4, 2015 and is hosted by Silvia Haneklaus & Ewald Schnug (JKI, Braunschweig), Malcolm J. Hawkesford (Rothamsted Research, Harpenden) and Luit J. De Kok (University of Groningen). It will be a special workshop and a selection of speakers, who have significantly contributed to Plant Sulfur Research during the last 25 years, have been invited to summarizing the outcomes of the previous Plant Sulfur Workshops and highlighting the still existing gaps, and prospects for future research on the topic. All other participants have been invited to present a poster (format/size is A0 (84 x 119 cm))!!. It is intended to publish all presentations in the Springer Series Proceedings of the International Plant Sulfur Workshop, Vol. 3, 2016. For more detailed information see: 10th Jubilee Plant Sulfur Workshop!

(!) Programme-Posters-Participants: (10thPlantSulfurWorkshop-Programme.pdf)

(!) Travel information: How to get to Goslar, Germany (flights/train/car)!!


Sulfur Nutrition and Sulfur Assimilation in Higher Plants (1990) Rennenberg et al.pdf

Sulfur Nutrition and Assimilation in Higher Plants (1993) De Kok et al.pdf

{*} The 5th Sulphyton Workshop will be held in Hampshire Hotel – Plaza Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands, September 1-4, 2016 (for information contact:

{i} NEW BOOKS & SPECIAL JOURNAL ISSUES: (click on picture!)

{i} The Proceedings of 9th International Workshop "Sulfur Metabolism in Plants - Molecular Physiology and Ecophysiology of Sulfur" will be published in the Springer Series Proceedings of the International Plant Sulfur Workshop, Vol. 2, 2015. The volume will be issued in September, 2015.

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